Peach Plot treats customer data incredibly seriously, and we collect as little as possible to put your mind at ease. Rest assured we aren't a big company with hundreds of employees that collects all sorts of info on you. We're just not that kind of outfit, and we never will be.

This privacy policy was last updated on the 24th May 2018. As we continue grow, we'll review this privacy and cookie policy - so please keep checking back.


Cookies help us understand how you use our website.

By clicking 'Continue' on our cookie banner at the top of your screen, you consent to us storing your cookies for analytics purposes. We don't use them for anything else, and cannot identify individuals via these cookies - they just help us know what bits of the site people like to look at.

Email Address and Personal Information

If you're one of the lucky few who have consented to receive email marketing communications from Peach Plot, your email address will be securely stored via Mailchimp for the purpose of sending you our newsletter and updates from time to time.

We may also store your first name, so we can be a bit more personal when we message you, as well as a history of any Peach Plot purchases you've made so we have an idea of what updates you'd like to hear. 

We don't store any other personal data. We don't know your star sign, or the name of your first pet, or the street you grew up on. Quite frankly it'd be a bit weird if we did.

It goes without saying that we will never give what little data we do collect to a third party, or publish it in the public domain. We take our responsibility to protect your data incredibly seriously, and do not pass your data on to any third party or service to fulfil our marketing.

If you would like to review or amend the personal information we hold on you, please email your data request to our data protection officer Claire at peachplot@outlook.com.