We are very exited to announce that a piece of Claire's work will be appearing in the Highlights Contemporary Craft Tour "Paperscissorbook"!  

She has been working hard over the summer laser cutting hundreds of individual leaves and sentences, developing her final university degree work.  This new piece still focuses on the words of folklore and fairy tales but moves on to a much more intricate style.  

Work in progress

The exhibition includes a fantastic range of artists such as Rob Ryan and Andy Singleton.  It is also a touring exhibition and will be heading to a number of places in Cumbria, Northumberland and County Durham.  So there are plenty of chances catch it! 

For the full range of artists and more details about times and places, head to highlightsnorth.co.uk for all the information!  The Highlights Rural Touring Scheme is a fantastic way of bringing a range of wonderful events to areas that would not normally have access and Claire feels greatly honored to be a part of it!

Work in transit

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